We are a gift from the Gods... Ok, maybe a little over dramatic, but let me explain. We provide a call out repair service for mobile phones and tablets. We might even fix PC and laptop computers, depending on the problem. Repairs can be carried out in your own home or office, not forgetting the custom fitted van equipped for repairing your beloved devices. Have you ever wondered what happens to your phone when they take it out back for repair? Well now you get to watch every step, if you want to. Does that sound good to you?


With over 25 years experience with PC's, 17 years dealing with mobile phone problems, over 10 years repairing phones & tablets and a lifetime of taking electronic stuff apart. We are more than confident that we will be able to help you out with your tech problems.


So we may not be Gods, but our service is brilliant, convenient and educational. We will come out to your home or work place, even if it's a building site. Operating beyond the usual shop hours, just so you don't have to plan a day around getting to a repair shop.




Quick and easy repair or replacement of your phone or tablet screen. Most Iphone LCD's can be replaced in 20mins, or less if you're holding a stopwatch.



We can replace most phone components that wear out or break. Like batteries, charge ports, speakers, home buttons and some sensors.



Due to the nature of liquid damage and the low success rate in long term repairs. We do not offer appointments for liquid damage alone. But we will look at a device as a second repair per appointment.